Experience Trumps Youth In RLATG Division 2.

ation shot
Dragons on the Attack

Jan 21, 2018

Duhaney Park Stands Alone

They were both unbeaten heading into their massive clash on Saturday. Kingston Central  Hounds, a braying group of young league players, who upstaged both Liguanea and Caribbean Maritime University in Rounds 1 and 2, eager to take the biggest giant of all, Duhaney Park Red Sharks.

The Red Sharks having only lost 2 from 51 games in three years across all competitions, came armed with a few veterans such as the likes of Khamisi “Hammer” Mckain and Jason “Slugo” Gooden. The old wizard, Roy Calvert, played his favourite positon, Scrum Half. At 34, he doubled the age of his rival halves, Anthony Findlay and Kahlil Green.

Captain Stefan Lounds fancies himself a kicker

For a moment, youth looked threatening as the Red Sharks held a slim 8-6 lead at the half. However, the calm generalship of Calvert with his constant talk and patient play, juxtaposed the erratic and silent leadership of the two Hounds halves. They faded badly as the game progressed. Kicks on tackle 2 came not just from the wayward boots of Findlay, even veteran prop, Antonio “The Destroyer” Baker joined the madness with a tackle 2 poof. Adding insult to injury, Kahil Green limped off with an injured ankle after bombing a sure 4 on 1 and backing himself.

In the end, the sweet taste of victory went to the composed Red Sharks 21-6, while the Hounds were left with  bewildered young charges who must fast recover to face the might of Liguanea Dragon in Round 4.

Blazing Liguanea Dragons Too Hot The Shields Of Sparta

CMU’s Stephan Williams

The Caribbean Maritime University player cohort seemed uneasily and unusually scant as the clocked ticked towards their clash with the hurting Dragons. Word is that several players are out with injuries and their number one prop away at a Union fixture.

Led by crafty hooker, Adrian Hall, the Dragons (still smarting from their unexpected loss to the Hounds last week) were relentless in attack, . Time after time the Spartans defence disintegrated in mid field and Hall was the main instigator and beneficiary. He amassed a 20 points haul for himself with  3 tries and 4 kicks. His teammates backed him up all day, the likes of Demetrius “Fireman” Campbell and Mathew “Zeus” Whitmore were Juggernauts on attack.

Marlon Nunes CMU
Marlon Nunes-CMU

The Spartans are still learning the game but needs greater leadership from Rohan Dwyer, the former Campion College Center has been around long enough and needs to aide player/coach Stephan Williams move the team around the park. Many of the players are still learning the game and though the team comes up with brilliant performances at times, it is obvious they are another young outfit needing their rough diamonds shaved by the fire of time. Keep an eye out for CMU’s Marlon Nunes, he is new to the game and raw but is a physical specimen with plenty of brimstone and fire.



RLATG Jamaica National D2 Preview, Rd 2

by Romeo Monteith. January 4, 2018.

Location and date : January 6, at Duhaney Park Football Field.

Game Times 12:30 : Duhaney Park vs Liguanea and 1:30 Kingston Central vs Caribbean Maritime University.

Sponsors of D2, visit their page here: www.rugbyleaguearoundthegrounds.com

Round 1 Review

Duhaney Park RedSharks barely survived a rampaging Caribbean Martime University Spartans side (22-18) and Kingston Central Hounds were even luckier against Liguanea Dragons (20-18).

“The Fun Bit”

Stand out players on the day were Delano “New Kid” Jarrett (Spartans), Demetrius “Fireman” Campbell (Dragons), Oshane “Stepping god” Eddie (Hounds) and Stefan “Big Shark” Lounds (Redsharks).  All got on the score board several times in their respective runs.

We hear word too that Antonio “The Destroyer” Baker was up to his usual worst, knocking over defenders left right and center. Sure glad I wasn’t playing.

The Serious Bit

We’ve solicited comments from members of the 4 teams for this week’s games and this is what they have to say:

Roy CalvertRoy Calvert -RedSharks Assistant Coach: ” Our match against Dragons will be a good indication of where we are after the Christmas break. We are really looking forward to it.

Adrain HallAdrian Hall, Secretary of the Dragons and Player: ” We expect a hard running game. There is an intense rivalry with these guys stemming from last season when we went undefeated until meeting them in the finals. It should be a fun game though and entertaining for the fans. We will hit the ground running and put the Sharks under pressure early on. We hope to dominate and be victorious”

Stephan GibbsStephan “Gibbs” Williams, Founder, Coach and Player at CMU Spartans: ” We hope to push Hounds to the edge. We expect  a tough game as both teams want the win. Its going to be another spectacular game.”

findlayAnthony Findlay, who like many in the Hounds team is still in High School said: “There’s not much going in our favour right now and we will have to work extra hard to secure a win, but we will do our best”.

The Surprise

Maritime’s close game with Duhaney Park was really an eye-opener. To think the most dominant team in Club rugby league was pushed so close by Maritime, who are still new to the game..wow..it was refreshing. We hear word that RedSharks was only saved… by the mercenary services of the Stepping God and the Destroyer….we will say no more.

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